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Going out of business! Free shipping on all hair extension orders!

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MonicaGailxXx Wednesday March 27, 2013
i love your extenshions. (:
From: Walkersville, WV
Stellar Wednesday March 27, 2013
These hair extensions are thus far the greatest extensions I have purchased. They are soft, true to color, durable and very thick. Highly recommendable product. Thank you.
From: Scottsdale
Dawnielle Wednesday April 25, 2012
i have checked out many sites for hair extentions and found that yours seems the best so i have put my order in and i am pretty excited about trying them out.im planning on ordering more if i find these to work.thanx your a pretty cool chick!
From: Livonia,NY
Samantha Wednesday April 25, 2012
Hey! I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed watching a few of your vids :-) I'm going out tonight to celebrate our 1 year of marriage and had to come up with a random hairstyle. Thank you so much for helping me out! I'll also be placing an order for some extensions as soon as x-baby daddy pays. Thank love for all you do!
From: McKinney, Texas
tanya Wednesday April 25, 2012
hello sara!!!!i just wanna say i love your hair extensions they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! i always wanted some due to my hair loss with my 3 pregnacies i had alot of stress becuase i was a young mom and alot of pressure but i have three beautiful daughters that i love making tutus for thanks to u i save alot of money...keep up the good work!!!! my husband says i might get some extensions for christmas!!!!! i hope so lol
From: grand island nebraska
Tori Wednesday April 25, 2012
I love hair extentions! I love this website!
Denise Herron Wednesday April 25, 2012
Love both of your sites! Please enter me to win the bracelet. Keep up the great work! Love the tutu project!
From: Baxter, WV
Amanda Tuesday April 3, 2012
Thanks for getting a website for your extensions! i love your Youtube videos!
From: St. Louis, MO
Ellenor Tuesday April 3, 2012
Heey sarah, urm I love your site and your youtube channel, umm my hair is probably as thick as yours or maybe a lil bit thicker so I was woundering should I buy 2 packs of the 14" or one? (: thaanks!
From: England, Oxford
Ashtyn Tuesday April 3, 2012
www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZK9ajhIE8Fs Here's my youtube video? not sure how to post it on here.. thanks! Hope ya like it! (=
From: PA
Cheri Davis Tuesday April 3, 2012
I just want to tell you how helpful you have been. I used to have long beautiful platinum blonde hair down to my butt. I decided to cut it above my shoulders a year ago, and have regreted it ever since. It is taking forever for it to grow back. I have always heard that it's thousands of dollars to get hair extensions at a salon and that the do it yourself clip-on ones don't last long and are very complicated to put in yourself. I decided to just google clip-on hair extensions today and I came across some of the videos on u-tube that you have done, showing how easy it actually is to put them in yourself. I have been watching them all morning which led me to your website. Congradulations! I am a 29 yr.old woman who is known from everyone who knows me to be a hair and make-up QUEEN, ever since I was a little girl. Now, I am a stay at home mom which I love, but have not been able to work for several years due to a chronic illness, Crohns Disease. I have been looking for an at home job, but haven't been lucky. I have a husband and two small children and times are really tough right now financially, because we live off just one income. So all that being said, when I came across your website, you really inspired me. You also made me so happy to know I can have my self-esteem back for a little cost. Even though I still can't afford the 20 inch wavy extensions, I am pretty sure my Mom would buy them for me for Christmas. I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work, dedication, time, effort and kindness you put in on all your video tips of different products for the world to see, without even looking for a pay-off. Now, God has blessed you with your well deserved business and because of you, you have made so many women, like mystelf, feel so much better about themselves to actually be able to afford durable products. I wish you so much success. THANK YOU!!! Sincerely, Cheri Davis
From: Clayton, Delaware
Dawn Tuesday April 3, 2012
Love yout youtube videos!! Well done on the website too xx
From: Noth Wales, UK